Faxe Premium

Beer, 500 mL

Country : Denmark
Producer :Faxe Bryggeri
Website :www.faxe.com
Alcohol : 5 %
Grape variety(ies) :European Lager
Style : Medium & Hoppy
Color :Blond
Container : Aluminum Container
Closure : Tab
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Tasting note

Amber colour; dried leaf/hop nose and with crisp, hoppy flavours; medium-bodied
Faxe Premium is a classic premium lager with a smooth, distinctive taste. The combination of the finest malt, hops and natural spring water results in a beer which is full-bodied, but at the same time pleasantly mild.
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Faxe Premium is rich and frothy, with a smooth mouth feel, due to the special yeast and unique pressure-fermentation technique used in the brewing of this beer. The taste is distintively smooth.
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