Middleton Very Rare

Whisky, 750 mL

Country : Ireland
Region : Ireland
Producer :Irish Distillers Ltd
Website :www.singlepotstill.com
Alcohol : 40 %
Grape variety(ies) :Ireland
Style : Medium & Fruity
Color :Amber
Container : Clear Glass Container
Closure : Cork
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Tasting note

deep gold colour; candied peach and ginger notes with a hint of vanilla; round fruit and honey flavour with touch of spice in the finish
Colour: Rich, deep amber. Nose: Fine scented, spicy bouquet with floral and herbal touches. Taste: Unique. Almonds, dried herbs, lush fruits, honey floral nuances. Finish: Long, satisfying finish with a touch of toasted oak wood.
Alcool NB Liquor
Aroma: On approach, some light floral perfume balancing with delicate fresh herbs before the rich wood character of the ex-Bourbon barrels take control. Sweet vanilla mingles with ripe orchard fruits bringing a touch of pineapple and grapefruit.
Liquor Marts
This product has a 2 bottle limit. Premium Spirit Release product. Available to purchase starting November 2. The pot still spices appear along with vanilla and oak char after a top note of cane sugar. The taste is very soft and mellow with a satisfying balance of sweetness, through soft ripe fruit to the more robust pot still spices. The charred oak and barley grains contribute to the wonderful complexity. Succulent mellow flavours remain in balance and are slow to fade on the finish.
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