Alberta Premium

Whisky, 750 mL

Pays : Canada
Producteur :Beam Global Spirits
Alcool : 40 %
Cépage(s) :Canada
Style : Mi-corsé Et Épicé

Note de dégustation

Profonde robe ambre doré; arômes de mélasse, d'épices, de tire-éponge, de fumée et de zeste d'orange confit relevés de notes de cèdre et de tabac; l'attaque douce mène à une bouche riche et moelleuse aux saveurs d'épices, de vanille, de chêne doux, de caramel anglais, de fruits séchés et de noix grillée; finale aux nuances de cèdre et de cassonade.

Note de dégustation (anglais)

Golden in colour, made from 100% rye, with a nose that is dry with hints of rye and some very subtle floral notes. After a minute the rye become more apparent and some of the sweetness starts to come out. On the tongue, the rye is apparent and provides a good bite.
Sask Liquor
Alberta Premium is a smooth whisky with subtle floral notes on the nose and rye characteristic and a pleasant sweetness on the palate. It has a good, clean finish with some warmth.
Alcool NB Liquor
Jim Murray's rates this quality liquid 95 points in his annual Whisky Bible. Made from 100% rye and aged 5 years, this quality liquid brings to you spicy & peppery notes, while staying smooth to the palate from its aging. Great in a Manhattan or an Old Fashioned.
Liquor Marts
Always a favourite with the critics and at an amazing price, Alberta Premium is beautiful and complex, 100% rye based that unleashes its grainy punches around the palate in succession, a classic Canadian treasure. "For the price you can't go wrong, always a favourite with the critics. One of the only 100% rye based Canadian Whiskies on the shelf." ~ Adele Shaw, Category Manager for Spirits, Wines of South Africa, Fortified and Asian Wines.
BC Liquor Stores
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