Rhum, 50 mL

Pays : Puerto Rico
Producteur :Bacardi Canada Inc.
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Alcool : 40 %
Contenant : Bouteille Pet-4 (code Recyclage 1)
Bouchon : Métal Vissé

Note de dégustation (anglais)

Smooth in taste. Dry with vanilla and almond aromas. A light-bodied rum aged one to two years in oak barrels, then blended and charcoal filtered.
Sask Liquor
Bacardi Superior rum is the original, mixable, light-bodied rum, aged between one and two years in carefully selected oak barrels. After ageing, the rums is blended and passed through a second charcoal filtration to achieve maximum clarity and characteristic Bacardi smoothness.
Alcool NB Liquor
Bacardi Superior is a light white rum with impressions of vanilla and fresh apricot. Subtle notes of fruits and nuts. It has a mild, soft aromatic taste with impressions of crystallized fruit, marzipan and vanilla. Its finish is dry, crisp and very clean.
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