Crown Royal Black World Junior Hockey Pack

Whisky, 750 mL

Pays : Canada
Région : Ontario
Producteur :Diageo
Site web
Alcool : 45 %
Cépage(s) :Canada

Note de dégustation (anglais)

Dark red-brown in colour. Oak background with maple notes and light vanilla on the nose. A creamy profile, with dried fruit notes on the finish.
Sask Liquor
Robust, with hints of oak and bourbon. Delicate notes of fruit, spice and vanilla. Signature legendary smoothness.
Liquor Marts
Rich, dark red brown in colour with dried fruit and bourbon notes on the nose, Crown Royal Black has smooth-tasting, delicate fruit and soft vanilla flavours. It is well-balanced by a hint of oak, sweet bourbon and raisin in the full, long finish. Try making a Crown Royal Black & Apple Juice: Fill a glass with ice. Pour in 1 1/2 oz (45 ml) Crown Royal Black and 3 oz (90 ml) apple juice. Stir to combine and serve garnished with an apple wedge. For more Drink Recipes, visit our Drink Recipes page.
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