Lemon Hart Demerara

Rhum, 750 mL

Pays : Guyana
Producteur :Newfoundland Liquor Corporation
Site web :www.lemonhartrum.com
Alcool : 40 %
Cépage(s) :Rhum brun
Style : Puissant Et Épicé

Note de dégustation (anglais)

A rich, blended rum with a smooth, sweet finish and notes of caramel.
Sask Liquor
Smooth and Sweet, this Guyanese rum with a long tradition is a rich Demerera style. The nose offers sweet notes of caramel which continues through the palate ending in a smooth sweet finish.
Alcool NB Liquor
A premium blend of select 100% Demerara rums, distilled, aged and blended on the East Bank of the Demerara River in the lush tropical Caribbean country of Guyana. Lemon Hart Original is the classic dark Demerara navy style rum, cherished by rum drinkers around the world for its authentic flavour and full-bodied complexity. The perfect example of a rum that shows pronounced smooth rum flavour when mixed with cola.
Liquor Marts
Lemon Hart is distilled, aged and blended in the colony of Demerara in the lush, tropical country of Guyana. It is deep, rich, amber in colour and rich in flavour with gentle oak, warm vanilla and caramel notes. A memorable finish to enjoy!
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