St-Germain Liqueur De Sureau

Liqueur, 750 mL

Pays : France
Producteur :St-Germain
Site web
Alcool : 20 %
Couleur :Jaune
Contenant : Contenant De Verre Clair
Bouchon : Plastique Vissé

Note de dégustation (anglais)

A sweet liqueur crafted in the artisanal French style from elderberry flowers.
Sask Liquor
St-Germain is the world's first liqueur created in the artisanal French manner from freshly hand-picked Elderflower blossom. The result after our seasonal painstaking harvest is a clean floral nose with hints of pear, peach and Grapefruit zest.
Liquor Marts
As featured in Taste Magazine, Spring 2013. This all-natural artisanal liqueur captivates with good looks and taste. Made from fresh, handpicked elderflowers, it has lovely aromas of elderflower, peach, lychee and lemon with delicate elderflower, passion fruit and grapefruit on the palate. St. Germain is an aromatic addition to cocktails. A favourite of our Portfolio Manager for Spirits, Wines of South Africa, Fortified, and Asian Wines.
BC Liquor Stores
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