The Arran Malt 14 Ans Scotch Single Malt

Scotch, 700 mL

Pays : Royaume-Uni
Région : Écosse
Sous région : Highlands
Producteur :Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd.
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Alcool : 46 %
Couleur :Ambré(e)
Classification : Mention d'âge
Contenant : Contenant De Verre Clair
Bouchon : Liège Avec Tête De Plastique

Note de dégustation

Un whisky superbe, mais on se rend vite compte qu'on a mis davantage l'accent sur le chêne, qui semble s'imposer un peu trop. Note - 89.5. (Jim Murray, Whisky Bible, 2014)

Note de dégustation (anglais)

Powerful, floral, sweet and spicy on the nose, with a hint of worn leather. Sweet and honeyed in the mouth, with caramel, nuts and malt merging nicely with more citric fruit notes.
Alcool NB Liquor
Sunset Copper in colour. Dried fruits, vanilla and toffee up front. With a little water a salty tang appears, with caramelised fruits indicating a depth of flavour to come. An initial burst of brine leads onto warming toffee apples and hazelnuts. This is followed by dates, chocolate orange and spiced tea cake. The mouthfeel is overwhelmingly rich and weighty. A trademark Arran finish with cinnamon spices leading back to where the experience began, with a classic island-style salty wave balancing the sweet fruit of the palate.
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