Vodka, 750 mL

Pays : Pologne
Producteur :Agros SARL
Site web :www.wyborowa.com
Alcool : 40 %
Style : Affirmée Et Èpicée
Contenant : Contenant De Verre Clair
Bouchon : Plastique Vissé

Note de dégustation

Limpide comme du cristal; bouquet plutôt neutre aux délicates nuances d'anis; bouche moelleuse; finale chaude et épicée.

Note de dégustation (anglais)

Wyborowa Vodka has a rich nose with the rounded nuttiness of a fresh rye loaf. The palate has a soft texture with up-front, full-bodied, nutty, rye bread notes, subtle sweetness with a savoury balance and a light creaminess. The finish is fresh, rich, round, nutty and sustained.
Alcool NB Liquor
Made from rye, and it is twice distilled in pot stills. Crystal clear; fairly neutral with a delicate hint of anise on the nose; smooth with a spicy/hot finish
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