Mort Subite Kriek Cerise

Vin, 375 mL

Pays : Belgique
Producteur :Brasserie De Keersmaeker SA
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Alcool : 4,5 %
Cépage(s) :Lambic
Style : Corsée Et Fruitée
Couleur :Roux, rousse
Contenant : Contenant De Verre Coloré
Bouchon : Liège

Note de dégustation

Arômes de cerise; saveurs de fruits dans une bouche ronde et douce.

Note de dégustation (anglais)

One of the most unique and traditional beers possible! Only able to be brewed in Belgium's Zenne Valley, the beer undergoes spontaneous fermentation, which brings out a special balance of fruitiness and acidity. Mort Subite Kriek is brewed with sour cherries in actual wooden barrels. Cherry aroma with fruit flavour and round sweetness
Alcool NB Liquor
Soft fruity nose, sweet, dry cherry aromas with almond notes on the nose. Sweet, fresh cherries in the mouth, very drinkable. Clean and refreshing, with a bright crisp finish.
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