Taylor Fladgate Tawny 30 Ans

Port, 750 mL

Country : Portugal
Region : Porto
Producer :Quinta and Vineyard Bottlers-Vinhos SA
Website :www.taylorfladgate.com
Alcohol : 20 %
Designation of origin : Porto
Grape variety(ies) :Tinta barroca 25%
Tinta roriz 25%
Touriga francesa 25%
Touriga nacional 25%
Style : Sweet
Color :Red
Classification : Tawny 30 ans
Container : Coloured Glass Container
Closure : Cork
My cellar

Tasting note

This release of Taylor Fladgate's 30 year old tawny was bottled in 2014, and shows clear and evident maturity. At this stage, virtually all of the fruit has shifted into the fully dried/rancio spectrum or disappeared altogether in favour of purely nutty, treacle, caramel, old wood, old canvas, caramelized orange peel notes, and so much more. Where this port really excels, however is on the palate. The texture is absolutely beguiling, firm yet silky, taught yet giving and generous, with a finish that rivals War and Peace for sheer length. This is truly an extraordinary tawny, which admittedly, even at this price, is a remarkable bargain considering that there is some wine from the 19th century included in the blend. Sheer elegance. Outstanding barely begins to cover this wine. Score - 98. (John Szabo, MS, winealign.com, Aug. 28, 2014)
Dark, rather austere, chocolate and coffee-flavoured. It combines well with flavors of figs, almonds and caramel. It is an excellent compliment for a crème brulée or a plate of wild strawberries.
Alcool NB Liquor
Deep, old gold color with hints of dried fruit and honey offsetting the rich nutty aromas. Lush, silky richness with an elegant, slightly austere quality which is quite distinctive. Subtle dried fruit flavors underly, exotic layers of caramel and nuts culminating in an endless finish.
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