Innis & Gunn Original

Beer, 330 mL

Country : United Kingdom
Region : Scotland
Producer :The Innis & Gunn Brewing Company
Alcohol : 6.6 %
Grape variety(ies) :Scottish Ale
Style : Medium & Spicy
Color :Amber
Container : Coloured Glass Container
Closure : Standard Crown Cap
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Tasting note

Clear medium amber colour; aromas of toffee, toasted malt, herb and sweet fruit, with light whisky tones; creamy, rich with caramel, vanilla, toffee and malt; balanced and soft on the finish. Like a fine whisky without the high alcohol.
Using oak to age beer is unheard of but the flavours imparted by the oak barrels, previously used to mature bourbon, lend an incredible depth of taste. Think vanilla, toffee and orange aromas, with a malty, lightly oaked palate; soothing and warm in the finish.
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Innis & Gunn Original's lengthy maturation imparts flavours of toffee, vanilla and oak that perfectly complement the beer's backbone of malt and fruity hop notes.
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