Samuel Adams Boston Lager 6

Beer, 355 mL

Country : United States
Region : Massachusetts
Producer :Boston Beer Company
Alcohol : 5.1 %
Grape variety(ies) :Vienna Lager
Style : Medium & Malty
Container : Glass
Closure : Bottle-cap
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Tasting note

Bright golden yellow colour with a thick head; aromas are perfumed and complex, showing sweet malt, delicate fruit, citrus/grapefruit, honey, light spice, with cereal, herbal/floral, yeasty, spice and pine notes; dry, crisp, well carbonated, medium bodied and rich, well balanced, flavours of malt, toasted grain, citrus, caramel and light fruit with herbal hops, hints of spice and bread yeast; pleasant bitter floral hops on the lingering finish.
A balanced and complex lager that is full-flavoured with hops and malt.
Sask Liquor
Samuel Adams Boston Lager is the best example of the fundamental characteristics of a great beer, offering a full, rich flavor that is both balanced and complex. It is brewed using a decoction mash, a time consuming, traditional four vessel brewing process discarded by many contemporary brewers. This process brings forth a rich sweetness from the malt that makes it well worth the effort.
Alcool NB Liquor
While no caramel went into this beer, two-row barley gives a wide spectrum of malt flavour ranging from slightly sweet to roasted caramel. Notable hop varieties add a wide range of citrus, floral, and piney notes. There is no citrus in this beer.
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