Smirnoff Triple Distillation

Vodka, 3.0 L

Country : United Kingdom
Region : England
Producer :The Smirnoff Co.
Alcohol : 40 %
Style : Clean & Classic
Container : Clear Glass Container
Closure : Cork
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Tasting note

Founded in 1864 by Pyotr Arsenievich Smirnov, what we now call Smirnoff was the first vodka to use charcoal filtration in the distillation process. This charcoal filtration produces a spirit that is ideal for mixing because of its smooth and clean palate; perfect in a Moscow Mule.
Distilled from the finest grains, Smirnoff Premium Vodka is triple distilled for exceptional smoothness and ten times filtered through birch tree charcoal for supreme clarity.
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Smirnoff 21 is made from the highest quality grain neutral spirit and uses no additives. It's traditional charcoal filtration method removes impurities resulting in a smooth and neutral premium spirit.
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